What's The Plan?

As emotions run High, and Feelings are Deep - we must be careful with our word choices. Inciting Violence & Retaliation are not viable options. We as a society cannot afford to be thrust into a race war. Instead we must THINK & use the power of our Finances to demand Change. Instead we must THINK & use the power of our VOTE to demand change.

Be Strategic and Organize, no more marches WITHOUT A PLAN in place for after the march. Put emotions aside and deal with the elephant in the room. Who will be in charge? Again, what is the plan? It is okay to be angry, but put the needs of the greater good, over fits of rage and shock.

For every action, there are reactions and consequences...THINK FIRST - THEN MOVE INTO STRATEGIC ACTION.

#iamkikimichelle #stoptheviolence #bethechange #think

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