Don't Believe The Hype

We all know someone who has been "Brow-Beaten" by those they love the most. There are so many stories of people who had promising dreams, careers, and have never moved towards success. They in fact have a similar thread in common...someone they loved and trusted told them: "YOU CANNOT," "YOU AREN'T GOOD ENOUGH," "SO & SO TRIED THAT...AND THEY FAILED," "YOU'RE NOT GOOD ENOUGH," and all the other negative things we know of. My advice to you is to learn to ignore the venomous negative things people say to try and divert you from your God-Given purpose. In the grand scheme of things, CAN'T NOBODY stop you from doing what GOD GAVE YOU TO DO!!!!! Why are you "buying into" the belief that you aren't THE ONE who's supposed to be doing what God gifted YOU to do.

Stop making excuses for not following thru! At the end of the day, if you aren't doing certain things, or aren't WHERE YOU WANT to be in can't blame NONODY BUT YOU!! Don't Believe The Hype...YOU ARE MORE THAN CAPABLE!! Now Get It Done!!

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