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Commitment Towards Your Goals

Each time we are in a position to advance in your career, our plans, our goals and anything we set out to do...It requires us to be COMMITTED! Can you remember the time in your past, when you wanted to accomplish something? It may have taken EVERYTHING in your power to stay focused. You may have sacrificed time normally spent for pleasure, to make sure the goals were met. So why do we get to the more advanced goals and forget how to be committed? How come we deviate from the tried and true methods for accomplishing our goals? The truth is, as we progress towards the goals we have set for ourselves; we must make a concerted effort to meet the seemingly increasing demands encountered in becoming successful. Don't think for a moment that you will be able to use the same techniques used in the past, to reach your goals each time. Just as your goals change, you must be willing to adjust your methods of attacking those goals. The biggest problem some of us have is REALIZING when to adjust our approach while attaining success. Some get so focused on the negative results, that we do not take a moment to see if our approach is causing the negative trends in reaching said goals. For some, instead of being committed and adjusting the goals, they quit altogether. May I suggest that you take a moment to revisit those goals which you may have placed on the back burner, and see if your level of commitment or approach may have hampered your success. It may be a simple tweak in your execution, which could mean the difference in meeting goals or not.

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