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Determination Despite Distractions

Our world is full of distractions. One must be laser focused on what they choose to fulfill and bring to life. The best part of having a laser focused approach to life is, we will not be easily pulled away from what we see as goals. We must proactively quiet the sounds around us and in our own minds which promote distractions. Let's face it, anything can be a distraction. Matter of fact, you can over-do good. So it is important to be sure of our own intentions and make sure those who are blessed to be involved in our journey are all like-minded and share the same values in terms of reaching goals. We must be DETERMINED in the face of every "NO"" and in spite of those who want to project their poor choices on us. Determination has to come from within, in order to project outside of you. It takes all of your intention to stay the course and live the dreams we all have. have

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