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Welcome To Quantum Talks, 8.0, LLC.


Dr. Kiki Singletary-Williams has worked within the community to assist others through trying times for over 20 years. The basis for what she does stems from leadership positions she was appointed to, at an early age. She has helped people to see the best within themselves and their life scenarios. As a Woman of Faith she has used Biblical Principles to guide her conversations with others, and sound wisdom. Most of her clients are Men and Women of the Cloth and she works with many Bishops, Evangelists, Deacons, Ministers, Teachers, Entrepreneurs, and others who themselves are responsible for the lives of others. Her clients also are from diverse ethnic groups, religions, races, creeds, cultures and ages. 


In addition to earning her Doctorate in Counseling, Dr. Singletary-Williams is a Board Certified Mental Health Coach. She specializes in treating Mental & Behavioral Health Disorders, Complex Trauma, Grief, and Dementia Care.


Dr. Singletary-Williams is a Presidential Member of The American Association of Christian Counselors, a Member of The American Counseling Association, a Member of The National Alliance of Mental Illness (NAMI), and others to name a few.


At Quantum Talks 8.0, we specialize in Couples, Children & Teens, Pre-Marital, Marriage & Relationships, Divorce, Addiction, Self Care, Mental Health Awareness & More. If you are in need of counseling, contact Quantum Talks 8.0, LLC. at: www.iamkikimichelle.com/quantumtalks8 to schedule an appointment. 



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